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National Anthems Of The World

CASSETTE 20 Songs 1. Austria (Land Der Berge, Land Am Strame) 2. British Commonwealth (God Save The Queen) 3. Germay (Deutschland Uber Alles) 4. France (La Marseillaise) 5. Italy (Inno Di Mameli) 6. Russia (Hymn Of The Solviet Union) 7. United States (The Star Spangled Banner) 8. Israel (Hatikvah) 9. Belgium (La Brabanconne) 10. Japan (Kimi Ga Yo Wa) 11. Norway (Ja Vi Elsker Dette Landet) 12. Australia (Waltzing Matilda) 13. Sweden (Du Gamia, Du Fria) 14. Spain (Marcha Real) 15. Dutch (Wilelmus Van Nassouwe) 16. Finland (Friedrich Pacius) 17. Swiss (Rufst Du Mein Vaterland) 18. Denmark (Kong Kristian Stod Ved Hojen Mast) 19. Turkey (Independence March) 20. Canada (O Canada)