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You are the wind

Year released: 1989 CASSETTE, 10 SONGS 1. Summer Breeze Dissolves the Morning Haze, Rustling the Leaves 2. Girl in Sunny Breeze Twirls the Spoon as She Gazes into Her Tea Cup 3. Kite Spiralling High Powered by a Mighty Wind Alive in the Sky 4. Majestic Tall Ships Sail into New York Harbor, Greeting Bystanders 5. Curious Humans Bounce on Wind-Swept Face of Moon in Ten-Foot High Lea 6. Cars Creeping Like Snails; Homebound Commuters Caught in Icy Winter G 7. Whither Does It Go, the Distant White Sail Driven by Wind? I Don't KN 8. Wind-Burned by Sandstorm, Cowboy Rides Through the Desert, Chasing a 9. My Beloved Sings, Her Voice Carried by the Wind Enters My Heart 10. Summer's Memory Captive in Fallen Leaves, Dispersed by the Wind